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Well Sized Off-Grid With Grid & Generator Back-up System, Maleny QLD

Designed, installed and maintained by the director Greg Dalton and associated entity, Synectic Engineering Pty Ltd.

AC coupled off-grid hybrid solar system complete with auto-interchangeable 100kVA diesel generator back-up and grid back-up for a luxury coastal facility.

Energy is produced by 140x230W polycrystalline panelling, grounded mounted onto the premises slope using custom engineered framing to gain maximum UV exposure and to be unseen by surrounding properties and road users.

Power is controlled by a 3 phase configuration using 9xSMA Sunny Island 5048 Off-grid inverters (45kW capacity) coupled to 6X SMA Sunny Boy PV inverters SB3800 and 3X Sunny Boy SB2500 PV inverters. Power is stored within 97kW capacity 48V sonneschien gel battery bank.

The entire system provides significant utility bill savings per month whilst powering the numerous facilities increased load demands. The system is complete with remote 24 hour online monitoring, fault detection, custom built multi-control switchboard and custom built communication hub.

The system is housed in a purpose built dwelling with separate electrical component control room, a battery room and a generator enclosure, all matched to the premises dwelling designs.

Trucking Depot, Off-Grid System, Mandemar NSW

Why were the neighbours envious during a recent regional electrical blackout?

Quite simple, this commercial rural facility had complete power supply to their depot and residence supplied from their off-grid solar system. The owner’s didn’t even know as they were the only place lit up and had all the electrical conveniences they require at the site.

You too need not be concerned with electricity bills and any uninterrupted power, especially if you are in a regional area.

We encourage you to simply acquire a pre-designed off-grid system with a back-up generation system for your site.

In this case, a 48kW storage system was provided by Enersun’s 997aH cells, that provides at least 19kW of useable power at any point in time. The 48V single phase AC coupled off-grid system is by SMA. The controller is the 5kW Sunny Island coupled with two SMA PV inverters, a Sunny Boy 1600TL and SMC6000A. Power is generated by 29x250W polycrystalline tier 1 Trina panels angled northerly for maximum UV capture efficiency given the orientation of the depot shed.

Rural 3 Phase Off-Grid System, Storage & Perkins Generator Back-up, Hill Top NSW

This rural property generates between 33kW to 40kW per day or 12-14.6kW per annum (subject to seasonal periods) and consumes on average 24kW per day or 8.76kW per annum.

The property is powered by 3 Phase Australian Selectronic SP Pro inverter/battery control system, AC coupled to German Kaco grid inverters, with 197kWh storage battery capacity and 100kVa auto start 3 phase Perkins diesel generator (that recently replaced the existing sites 40kVA Caterpillar Olympian generator).

Three robust 20kW 120VDC Selectronic SP Pro SPLLC1202 bi-directional inverter chargers, control and manage every aspect of this off-grid system by working seamlessly with the three AC Coupled performing 5.5kW German Kaco Powador600 PV inverters.

The power is stored in 1920aH BAE sealed lead acid batteries providing potential useable daily capacity of 98.50kWh. The system is generator charge supported and is currently powered by roof mounted 10kW PV solar system. The system is progressively being upgraded with a potential PV upgrade to maximise the unused inverter capacity, battery capacity and to minimise generator use and diesel costs.

Complete electrical services, call out services and 6 month interval maintenance services are provided for this property as part of a turn key solution, that includes servicing the Legrand smart home control systems, remote control systems, the dam and bore pumps.

OffGrid EPA System, Holcim LynWood Quarry NSW

No job is too small when it comes to assisting with protecting the environment.

It was enjoyable to provide a complete custom design and build commercial service, as a replacement to another failed 3rd party system, to power and assist Holcim Lynwood Quarry with their environment compliant monitoring system for the said site.

A powder coated custom galvanised stand and lockable enclosure was provided that was weather and vermin proof. It housed the complete energy system that was set up in compliance with AS4509 for stand alone systems with an appropriate earthing system and documentation.

The core off-grid components supplied included the wiring of a 60AMP MorningStar MMPT regulator with display monitor, Latronics 1000W inverter, two pole fuse and two pole circuit breakers within one enclosure; and the AGM Lifeline GPL 4DL batteries and fuse within the adjacent fire walled enclosure. Power is provided by 5 tier 1 Trina Solar PV modules on rigid galvanised stands, with protection fuses.

For all your small renewable custom projects, simply contact Concise Energy to obtain your first and only valid solution.

Guest Accomodation 5kW SMA Off-Grid System, Sunshine Coast QLD

Designed, installed and maintained by the director Greg Dalton and associated entity, Synectic Engineering Pty Ltd.

AC coupled SMA off-grid stand alone solar system to supply electricity to 4 separate guest accomodation.

Energy is produced by 2 strings of 9x270W polycrystalline panelling, mounted on custom highly elevated framing for flood zoned area.

Power is controlled by single phase SMA Sunny Island 5048 Off-grid inverter coupled to 2X SMA Sunny Boy SB2500 PV inverters.

Power is stored within 6 parallel strings of 48V AGM batteries, with 10kW useable capacity.

The system is quite robust, easy to use and maintain. It is stored in a highly elevated custom enclosure, complete with remote 24 hour online monitoring and fault detection.

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