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Complete single phase off-grid power station for decent sized dwelling within metropolitan area.

67x270W Trina Panels
3x6kW Fronius Primo Inverters
3×7.5kW SP Pro SPMC1201 3 Phase Inverters
120kW, 60xREXC1000 Batteries

System Features

  • Market leading Fronius Primo PV inverter with WLAN – 97.6% efficient; AC Coupled with Australian robust & quality off-grid Selectronic SP Pro AU inverter – 96% efficient
  • Tier 1 panels – up to 16.5% efficiency
  • 48V innovative designed 20 year service, high cycle life Narada lead carbon batteries – fast recharge charging rate, special partial state of charge operation and large discharge performances
  • Complete standard kit, ready to instal (subject to supplier availability)
  • Fault alarm and monitoring system included
  • PV and inverter system upgradable to match growing energy needs
  • System transferrable
  • System can be configured with generator back-up solutions or grid back-up
  • SMA inverter option available


  • $115,400 GST Inc Kit Supply (Excl Delivery)
  • *$129,838 GST Inc with standard installation
  • **Rebates of $11,400 Zone 4 or $13,300 Zone 3 may apply
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Daily Production

Estimated Max. Average Daily Production

76.88kW for Zone 3 (subject to the system location, weather and production zone factors)

  • 18kW 3 Phase PV inverter (max DC input 18.6kW, AC output 18kW)
  • 7.5kW Power Manager across each phase (7.5kW continuous, 8kW for 60min, 11.25kW for 30 min, 13kW 1min, 18kW for 30sec at 25o)
  • 120kW storage (1000@C10/1.8V at 25o, 40kW max. battery useable capacity, 5250 cycles@35%DOD)
Kit Inclusions

Battery 160AMP isolator, battery leads, lugs and warning signage, solar plugs, 6 DC roof isolators, 6 DC circuit breakers, 92m DC cable & conduit, 4 deck-tight, inverter isolation switch, 1m AC wiring, AC isolation switch, SB circuit breaker, rail kit, tin fixing kit, cable ties, signage kit, fault alarm, monitoring, component data sheets and owner manual.

  • PV Performance – 90% for 10 years and 80% over 25 years
  • PV product – 10 year
  • Inverters – 5 year inverter
  • Battery – 3 year full replacement and 4 year pro-rata replacement
  • Installation – 5 year

Site specific supplies and works are individually supplied and priced:

  • Wifi communication device, ethernet wiring and sim card
  • Delivery outside metropolitan regions
  • Additional site wiring
  • Generator back up systems
  • Battery enclosures
  • Tile roof – upgrade quote by $806 GST Excl
  • Double Storey – upgrade quote by $250 GST Excl
  • Inverter >3m from SB – upgrade quote by $38 per meter GST Excl
  • 24/7 online energy monitoring
  • 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri Technical & Customer Support
  • 6 month or yearly maintenance programs available

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Selection Tips

  1. Match your selected system’s estimated daily output against your current and future power needs and intended bill savings and FIT earnings.
  2. Avoid the pitfalls of well marketed but underperforming & inferior systems. Always assess, investigate and acquire truely capable systems and components, that are engineered and market proven to provide the greatest level of energy generation and efficiencies; just like the systems we offer.
  3. Invest wisely. Our systems provide a greater level of performance and output, with reduced pay-back periods. Our systems excel in performance, are market leading, sustainable and are fully warranted products.
  4. Consider selecting a larger system to meet your growing energy needs and to gain greater utility bill savings.
  5. Be more independent, consider battery storage solutions to maximise energy supply during peak load demand, evening and morning periods; and potentially earn GridCredits.
  6. Visit ‘’ to find the best export tariff and electricity rate offers to gain greater bill savings.
  7. Consider speaking to our system designer to acquire a tailored solution design or to learn more about the capabilities of our superior performing systems and its individual components.
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